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Levels of Care

Retirement Level 1: Independent Living

     This the true independence level. The resident simplly needs a place to live, laundry and room cleaning with meal service. There is very little we need to provide for the Resident other than these 3 services.

Personal Care Level 2: Attended Independence

     This level is for Residents who are ambulatory, continent and oriented to date and place, they simply need a minimal level of assistance. These are individuals who are fairly independent and have no significant medical problems. They may need some assistance with medication reminders, nutrition, hygiene and activities of daily living.

     Services include the basic services plus medication management oversight, monitoring for general health and well being, monthly blood pressure monitoring, weight and nutritional assessment. Occasional light lifting or personal assistance may be needed.

Personal Care Level 3: Helpful Assistance

     Residents with moderate medical problems who are able to perform someself care but may require reminding and general assistance. This clientmay have some memory and / or orientation loss and require assistance with dressing and grooming tasks. Services include bi-weekly assistance with bathing, supervision of hygiene and grooming, nutritional intake and some occasional incontinence management. This person might need a two person assist on occasion or occasional redirecting the Resident.

Personal Care Level 4: (1) Extended and (2) Intensive Assistance

  1.      Extended Care includes Residents with incontinence of both bowel and bladder, more assistance is needed in medication management, eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, transferring, more advanced dementia and Alzheimer's Residents.
  2.      Intensive Care includes care for catherization, dressing changes, diabetes and other care needs requiring the services of a Registered Nurse. Also other heavy care needs such as being bedridden, lifting (one or two person lifting or Hoyer lift required) and total non-ambulatory or advanced Alzheimer's disease which requires more staff time. (Night wanderers, abusive or violent Residents or those who need two person assistance in transfer may be beyond the realm of care we can provide). Also included are special diets, low sodium, low cholesterol, highfiber, mechanical soft, etc., as prescribed by the Resident's attending Physician.

Hospice Care Level 5: Death with Dignity

     Residents who are facing a life treating illness without a cure are included in this category. Hospice provides for the special needs of the dying with emphasis on pain management to allow the Resident to live each day to the fullest. The Hospice program follows the Doctor's orders by skilled, compassionate Nurses utilizing pain control and comfort. Hospice works with the family, friends, relatives, responsible parties and professional caregivers in the Adult Family Home.

     Services include feeding, positioning every two hours, changing Depends, bed baths, etc. as needed for the Residents well being and comfort till the end.

Resident or Family is responsible for all cost not covered by insurance for:

  • All medications, PT, OT & Speech Therapists, Physicians and personal Nurse Services (Nurse Delegation included), transportation for Doctor visits, emergency transportation, hospital or clinic costs and all other medical services.
  • All costs for items used for incontinence, such as disposable diapers, pads, undergarments, plastic bed liners, body wipes, skincream, etc.
  • All medications, prescribed or over the counter, special medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, hospital beds, hearing aids, eye glasses, dentures, etc.
  • All cost for special food supplements such as Ensure or special diabetic foods or formulas ordered by the Resident's Physician.
  • All personal clothing and accessories, shaving and beauty aids, teeth cleaning and dental supplies and special items such as beauty, hair and barber arrangements, dry cleaning and special grooming aids.
  • If the resident has a "Living Will" or "DNR", a copy must be on file with the Resident. No Resident is required to have filled out these forms, however, if that is the desire of the Resident, a copy must be onfile.